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Welcome on the Christian Hackenbeck's site.
Here you will find some domains of my private property.

This site is 100% privately "designed" and not built professionally like some others.

Due to high ammount of nonsense mailing, you need to provide some information (e.g. your name, what you want, etc.) in your mail or your mail will be ignored!

If your are interested in some of the domains listed here, use the link in the table below and contact me through e-Mail.
I usually respond within 24 hours - please check also your spam folder!
WARNING If you are writing from one of the major mail provider (like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, gmx and web) please be aware that my emails will be in the spam folder, because they don't like own hosting of a mailservice.

Here an overview of all my domains for sell

First one of the most widly used domain: .de-domain
My first choice in domains because the privacy is very good and well known worldwide.
My .de-Domain list:

Domain Price 50€ * 50€ * 50€ * 200€ *

Last but not least some special domains which fit into my 'hobby' in some way - ANIME.

Domain Price 500€ * 500€ * 500€ *

* = this prices are the basis for negotiation. Please consider that these prices are not fixed.
Also these prices are for consumer, not businesses who want to generate money!